Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Belated Merry Christmas

Just when the three poeple who read this blog thought I was dead, whoooooosh! Four Christmas images are slapped up only a few lazy weeks after their creation, hereby doubling the amount of work on this blog.

Sticking with the more traditional theme of Christmas (the global Jesus birthday party one) rather than the prevalent, mass produced, Coka-cola and candy-caned American alternative that keeps every retailer in the Western world in business.

That aside, in this post we have Three Kings, Mary & Joseph, Bethlehem and Shepherds. All in reference to the nativity of Jesus as told in the Book of Luke. I would like to thank my Junior Encyclopedia of the Bible for all it's help.

I'm sure some sticky-beaks might point out there isn't any major evidence to suggest there was only three 'kings', or magi, in this Biblical story. Three gifts yes, but not three magi. In my defense, I just couldn't be bothered drawing more than three.

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