Sunday, 7 February 2010

Recycling is Way Cool

Recycling never used to be cool. He was the younger brother of tucking in your shirt and the cousin of wearing glasses. But, now times have changed, even they're cool and recycling isn't being left out. Celebrities left, right and centre, from Hollywood to Bollywood, are all changing their ways. It started with the odd Chris Martin here and has-been sports star there, but now it's in full motion.

The gas guzzling, mass produced, polluting ways of the past seem to be unpopular and the world looks like it's turning it's focus to better methods. With all the recycled bins and products made of recycled materials it seems as if we're getting better. The truth is though, we're consuming more than we ever have previously and although this has a lot to do with the enormous world population, recycling and efficient use of our resources needs to increase. Recycling the odd thing every now and then may ease your conscience, but it probably won't do too much long term good. But, adopting an attitude that recycling is important and acting everyday in that manner might.

If you want to know more about recycling, hit up which can say way more than I can.

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  1. I saw your illustration over on and wanted to stop by to say how awesome it is :) Recycling is cool and clever.