Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Throw a Lot of Shrimps on the Barby

Now before I start rambling about the global problem of obesity, I'd like to point out that we Australians call shrimps, prawns. I blame Paul Hogan and Jim Carey for the fact I've had to endure many people from many countries tell me to throw another shrimp on the barby. Anyway...

According the king of sources, wikipedia, obesity throughout history is a rare thing. Associated with wealth and something that only effected the upper classes in almost all time periods and cultures. That is, until you get to the 20th Century, where suddenly obesity becomes an epidemic and ironically prevalent in lower classes of first world countries.

As an Australian I can often point the finger at America. It's an easy target, my TV tells me that they're fat. Movies, TV shows, magazines, they all show fat Americans confessing strange secrets on Jerry Springer. But is this really true? Yeah, it kinda is. But, Australia isn't as slim as it thinks.

Now, I've had a few problems finding accurate data on this. Some websites claim that Australia is just outside the top 20 and others claiming that it is are in fact fatter than the USA. I'm not sure what to believe and I've left a few links below, should you want to know. Regardless of the exact pole position, Australia is getting tubbier. Maybe we should shut our mouths in more sense than one.

On that note, I have a BBQ on Saturday and anyone is welcome.



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